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We Believe everyone deserves to be heard and loved. We provide opportunities that enhances a person’s daily connection and allows two people who may have two opposing views to become friends. This is where true community comes to life.

The Way we choose to do this is through coffee! We bring your coffee shop experience to your special event! Whether it’s staff appreciation or your wedding needs a jolt of caffeine. We’re ready to treat your favorite people to their favorite beverages!

We give you the choice of three local favorite coffee roasters Cat & Cloud, Verve Coffee Roasters, Chromatic Coffee to service at your event! 

Our Story 

We know that strangers can become family over a cup of good coffee. That’s how we started. Granted, Lina and Shellie were sisters, they were both on individual career paths leading overseas. Jared was exploring what life in the coffee industry could look like for him when the three of them began managing their first shop together.

Years later, Jared and Shellie got married and we officially all became family, thanks to coffee and the community around it.

 We started truce to continue helping turn strangers into friends and friends into family. 





Coffee we Serve

  • Cat & Cloud

  • Verve 

  • Chromatic